Soooo quick and easy! Do your child’s Annual Educational Evaluation at the FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention 2015!

Many parents have asked us if we will do their homeschool student’s annual homeschool evaluation while we are at the FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention 2015 in Orlando/Kissimmee, FL again this year. YES!

What a great opportunity to get the homeschool evaluation requirement done quickly and economically, while enjoying all that the FPEA Homeschool Conference has to offer. It is really an  awesome conference!! Especially since FL D.O.E. certified teachers are conducting Annual Educational Evaluations at the FPEA Homeschool Convention 2015, for only $25 per student. So, the Florida Homeschool Convention 2015, will be even more of a benefit for you this year!

To set up the annual evaluation at the FPEA Florida Homeschool Convention 2015, call, or email us:

786-525-3545 (cell)

Charles & MaggiLu Tucker

Charles & MaggiLu Tucker

Evaluations will take place throughout the days of  Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Several time slots are still open.

During the evaluation we will review your child’s “portfolio” (work samples/grade reports/transcripts) enough to see “the student’s demonstration of educational progress commensurate to their ability,” and to answer any questions parents may have. We can print the evaluations for you, as well as, scan and attach the evaluation, to an email, and send it to the county homeschool office contact person for every county in Florida, immediately, in person.

For educational services & annual evaluation references, CLICK>>

Here’s a link to a You Tube video that my wife, MaggiLu, and I recorded, which explains the most basic requirements to homeschool in Florida:

I, Charles Curtis Tucker, do Annual Educational Evaluations for homeschool students, quickly and economically ($28-Cyber/$35-In Person) OR Standardized Testing – (ITBS, SAT, CAT, etc.) $35/hour – private, OR GROUP TESTING RATE $50-60 per student. I am a CURRENTLY Florida State Dept. of Education certified teacher & I am a homeschooling parent (since 1999). For True & simple answers (FREE consultation) about homeschooling in Florida, email me, or call me anytime: OR cell # 786-525-3545


I am a home schooling parent since 1999 and a U.S. certified teacher since 1993. I am also an approved standardized test administrator. I spent 12 years full time teaching in the classrooms of public and private schools in Europe, the U.S.A. and South America, and I have been homeschooling our children with my very Wonderful, Beautiful and intelligent wife for the past 13 years, I am extremely inspired everyday to promote homeschooling and excellent home education in every way possible.

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