By educating our children ourselves, “at home,” we can truly prepare our children for “real life in today’s world” extremely better than what the majority of schools are doing, even most charter and many private schools. Yes, it is true. We are able to actually educate and prepare our children with extensive academic knowledge, and especially with helpful life skills, extremely better than the schools are doing. If you think about this rationally and intelligently for just a minute, this seems to be a “duh” statement. I don’t want to be rude or arrogant about it, so I would rather say that many people seem to presume that this is not such a “but of course” statement at all. I assume that these people don’t think much about it.

The first fact I would like to think about has to do with my putting “at home” in quotes above. I did this because the “home” education programs that many of us are conducting are not taking place “at home” much of the time. Our mobility and flexibility enables  our school activities to be extremely rich with experiences in academics and life skills through many “field trips” to various places, often. We are able to visit many different businesses and places with a multitude of  occupational activities, from technological to agricultural. We can go to special programs given by various museums, national & state parks, theaters, etc. anytime. We don’t require extra money for lunches, buses, parent permission slips, etc. We can even go spontaneously this morning, this afternoon, or tomorrow if we choose. We are the best private school choice, because of this and many reasons.

Many of our children are also taking part in music, performing arts, and sports training often, with serious and safe instructors, trainers and athletes. We are able to do this with the mobility and flexibility of our schedules. This also enables our school activities and experiences to prepare our children for “real life in today’s world” with vast academic knowledge and helpful life skills extremely better than the schools are doing.

We are able to do intensive studies in any, and every subject we want, whenever it is best for our children, for as long as we like. We have access to almost of all the same resources that the schools have, and many times, we have access to better resources than the schools have, or they don’t have, or just won’t have. With this ability we are able to prepare our children better than the schools are, for today’s world.

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Email, or call me anytime, for evaluations done easily, quickly and very economically ($25) I am a FL Dept. of Education certified (exp. date: 6/30/16) teacher : CCTucker7@ gmail .com (no spaces of course)    OR 904-272-7245 / 786-525-3545 C.C. Tucker


I am a home schooling parent since 1999 and a U.S. certified teacher since 1993. I am also an approved standardized test administrator. I spent 12 years full time teaching in the classrooms of public and private schools in Europe, the U.S.A. and South America, and I have been homeschooling our children with my very Wonderful, Beautiful and intelligent wife for the past 13 years, I am extremely inspired everyday to promote homeschooling and excellent home education in every way possible.

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  1. I love the flexibility I have homeschooling my son. I also love taking him out and exploring the world he lives in. We are able to do fun things while he is learning everyday. I have found a great website to help plan some of our adventures. It makes filed trip days alot more exciting. I think my son is far more prepared for the real world than he was when he attended public school. Plus, our relationship is amazing.

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